Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Random Things I Like

My family
Going out to eat
getting a new hairstyle
The Office
Sonic Coke
the smell of rubber and nail polish remover (does this make me a closet druggy?)
Sbux Latte's
flaky rolls and biscuits
sweet tea
road trips
being organized (rarely am)
being spontanious (more like impulsive)
accomplishing any idea or goal (very hard to let an idea go once it gets so far in process, OCD?)
singing in my car alone
stack of new paper or notepads
thunderstorms at night
water parks
wall clocks (I justed counted four in my house)
Todd's new CD

that's all for now, maybe more later...............

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I think I'm married to Dwight Schrute

For those of you who watch " The Office"-- The other night Justin and I were staying up late and the movie Arachnophobia came on on TBS. During a discussion about spiders and other critters, for some reason I asked him if he knew what animals are asexual. Without even thinking, he very schrutely stated, "Flatworm." I died laughing and as if that was not enough "schrutness" he asked, "do you mean asexual or hermaphroditic?" I died laughing again. I may as well have been standing right in front of Dwight at Dunder-Mifflin, Scranton. I just certainly hope I'm nothing like Angela.

Paisley Jewel

Well, I'm just now getting around to posting some pics of the baby. By now most of y'all have probably already seen her, so I put some more recent pics on here along with one when she was born. She's our beautiful little girl!!