Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moments like this make it all worthwhile

I think Justin and I have had to clean up a mess of poop in Paisley's bed about 20 times now. It happened again today. I am determined to find her some one piece suits for her to wear to bed so she can't take her pants off anymore, but I haven't been able to locate them yet. Anyway, after I got her all bathed cleaned up and changed her bed sheet, I layed her back in her crib and decided to give her Sidney's Dora doll to snuggle up to. She stopped crying right away and later I went to peek in on her and found her like this. I had to take a picture it was too cute. I never really thought about giving her a stuffed toy to sleep with; maybe that's all I needed to to do to stop her from playing with her diaper contents. This is what I like to see in my sweet little girl's crib. So sweet!!

Lachlan loves to make messes whether it's dumping an entire toy box full of toys out on the floor or entire can of formula, he's the best boy for the job. The most recent mess of his was nestle quick powder as shown in the picture. I have NO idea how he got it cause I do not keep it in his reach so it must have gotten put back in the wrong place in the pantry. Anyway, even though he loves make messes, eating crayons, and throwing screaming tantrums, he's still the sweetest little boy to me. He crawled up in my lap today with his blanket to watch a movie and I just loved snuggling up beside him. Two year olds have their moments, but they are still so little and baby like sometimes.

And Sidney....what to say about Sidney. She cracks me up and she's too smart for her own pants. She recently wacked her hair off right before her birthday party. I took her to the beauty shop to get an up-do for her Fancy Nancy party to try and hide all the bad hair parts. It turned out really cute. I decided to try cutting it myself when the party was over since it cost $20.00 just to get it fixed. I thought it turned out cute. I think this hairstyle matches her personality much better. I'm just afraid she might look a little too old, though. Anyway, even though I cried and cried over her cutting her own hair, it all worked out. I learned how to cut layers and might not have done that otherwise.

Moral of this post: I'm learning how to cherish the moments I have with my children while they are young, whether they are good moments or bad moments. If I'm in the middle of a bad moment, that just means there's a good one right around the corner. You just have to wait for it and pay attention to it when it happens.