Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Why I think I'm ADD and shouldn't have to take a test to find out

I went to a psychologist, Dr. Sid Epperson, today to see about getting tested for ADD. My family Doctor referred me to him. The following happenings and situations should prove that I have ADD and do not need a test to tell me this.......

-My appt. was at 1:00 and they told me to get there early. I planned to leave my house at 12:40 and didn't walk out the door until 12:50 and then still had to go back inside to get my phone which I could not find and ended up being under the sheets on my bed... yes, I made the bed with my phone in it. So, I didn't actually leave until 12:56.

-I had to call on the way to find out where they were located b/c, no, I hadn't even done THAT yet.......ugh!!!!! Luckily I knew right where it was and it wasn't too far away.

-I have no clue what time it was when i walked in the door and they just put me straight back and let me fill out my paper work afterwards (since I was late, obviously). It didn't even cross my mind to tell them on the phone that I was running late OR appologize for being late when I did get there.

-I thought the questions he was asking me WAS the Tova test (ADD test) until he said at the end of our conversation, "We will schedule you to take the Tova test in a couple of weeks......"

-I couldn't answer all of his questions mainly because I wasn't paying attention......... ha, gotcha! (not really) it was because I can't remember anything!

-When I went back to the front when we were finished, they gave me 2 different packets of papers, one was to take home and fill out and the other was my medical history and release forms for my file. It was about 15 minutes into filling out the paper work that I realized I was filling out the take home packet instead of the office papers. VERY frustrating!!!!

-When I went to turn in my paper work, I found my keys sitting at the front window and have no memory of me getting them out of my purse or laying them there.

So, there you have it. If I do in fact turn out to have ADD, I may create a new blog recording my daily ADD mishaps and uhhhh, what were we talking about again?.....oh yeah, my mishaps and humorous shortfalls. Nothing like some good Kacie humor, right?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Running Real Life Rules for First Time Parents

Ok, I'm dedicating this post to my brother and sister-n-law who will soon be parents for the first time. This is the beginning of what I'm afraid will be a long running list of rules that you only learn from not-so-pleasant real life experiences. Even after three kids I'm still learning lots of things about raising kids. Some of these I already learned in the past, but I've saved the most recently learned rule for the end, which is really not the end, but the end of this list today. So here it goes. Hope it helps, Jase and Rach, and remember, this list is not to scare you or overwhelm you, but to make your life WAY easier than mine. Consider it the best baby gift you could ever receive, minimizing stress, disasters, and unnecessary spending.

Rule #1: Do not under any circumstance leave the following products within a 3 ft. reach of your under 3 years old child.... Vaseline, lotion, soap, detergant, matches, pills, batteries, cereal, oatmeal, sugar, flour, formula, drinks, scissors, stapler, reading glasses, sun glasses, coins, plastic, balloons, knives, toilet paper, paper towels, cords, needles, markers, crayons, and basically anything that's smaller than a golf ball. (I'm sure there's more, but that's enough to chew on for now; Ha! chew was an accidental pun)

Rule #2: Before leaving the house with your child be sure to have the following: plenty of diapers and wipes, bottles and formula (unless nursing), change of clothes (if nursing an extra shirt for yourself, (not you Jason)), tissues, snacks, and a bonus points if you take a first aid kit, mylanta, thermometer, children's tylenol, and an aspirator (I wasn't quite that good)

Rule #3: Baby Einstein is a MUST HAVE, that is if you plan to take a shower, get dressed, cook a meal, or have a phone conversation in peace.

Rule #4: You must follow this formula if you plan to make your appointments on time. X=how long it takes you to get dressed in the mornings NOW, Y=how long it will take you to get yourself dressed, one child dressed, and get out the door. Here's the formula: X * 3=Y (I used to get dressed and out the door in 20-30 minutes, now with three kids it's more like 2 hours and I'm almost ALWAYS 10-20 minutes late, just ask Sugar.)

Rule#5: If you find yourself wanting to purchase a cute little snuggly stuffed animal, slap yourself and put it back as quickly as possible. I can count on one hand how many of them I purchased myself. The rest were gifts and if all the stuffed animals in my house magically became a human army ready to attack, everyone on my street would be dead in less than 60 seconds. But don't worry, this has never happened, obviously. I think they only come alive when we aren't home :).

Rule #6: And for the most recently learned rule which inspired this list in the first place, be sure your child (particularly around the age of 1) has had PLENTY to eat before naptime AND has pants on at all times during his or her nap. I found Paisley today in her crib, diaper off, eating her own poop; there I said it. UGHUGHUGH!!!!!!!!!!! SOOOOOOOOO GROSS!!!!!! I think some sort of baby suspenders should be designed to prevent this.

Stay tuned for more Running Real Life Rules for First Time Parents..........