Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Mystery Cleaning Fairy

I came home after church today my house was totally clean my HUGE mound of laundry was gone. I knew right off it had to be my mother-in-law cause, as Justin said, "She's the only would who could have humanly possibly done it," (speaking from his experience living at home). So, I called her and sure enough I was right. She cleaned my entire house and took my laundry to her house to wash, dry and fold. I was in complete shock at this wonderful surprise. Now, I have to say, a couple of years ago that might have made me mad or frustrated. I have sort of a complex when it comes to people helping me. Especially when it's the one person I feel like I'm being compared to daily by my husband. (He says he doesn't do that, but I'm not convinced). Anyway, I tend to take other people's help as an insult as if they think I'm not doing a good job or just don't know how to do it effectively. Surprisingly, I did not feel that way today at all. I felt blessed, humbled, and grateful that someone cared enough to lend a hand. She knew I had a bad day yesterday and wanted to do something for me and I am thankful.

I've been trying really hard to accept and ask people (other than my parents or my aunt) for help more and this was a true test that I've matured (even if just a little) in marriage and motherhood. I think having 3 children have something to do with it. I've decided that once you have more than 2 kids that are pre-schoolers, the game plan changes. It's not so much getting everything done, it's just making sure you have something clean to wear the next day and no major accidents occur. I may not be super mom, super nanny, or super clean, but I'm me and I'm learning to be ok with that. I'll take all the help I can get and I'm ok with the fact that I'm not always able to do everything perfectly. So, thank you Sugar (what my kids call my mother-in-law), that was a great gift!! I knew that key I gave you would come in handy one day and it did.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Are You Oppressed or Depressed?

If you're like me, you either have way to much to do and stressing out or you are depressed and looking for something to satisfy you. I rarely find myself in a state of complete contentment. It's kind of like when taking a picture. You zoom in and out trying to find the perfect angle and distance and it keeps going too far one way or the other. Do you ever feel like that in life?

What is your picture of complete contentment? Mine is sitting quietly alone by my fireplace (an imaginary one since we don't have one) in December sipping on a cup of hot chocolate while enjoying a good book. This scene also includes my house being perfectly clean with no laundry or dishes to do and, of course, all of my scrapbook albums up to date. I know you're probably saying, "Yeah, good luck with that." It's just a dream, but I long for that day to come. I may be nearly 100 years old when it happens, but I hope not.

I don't believe my problem is really the unrealistic dream. It's this life cycle I've put myself into that is making it impossible. It usually starts with over committing myself into severe anxiety and exhaustion then once my commitments are fulfilled one by one, I tend to get depressed. I get so used to the crazy fast pace motion of life that when it slows down, it gets me down. After a while of wallowing in self pity, I start looking for ways to lift myself up and then just end up with too much to do again and the cycle starts all over. When I'm oppressed I don't have time to do the things I enjoy doing and when I'm depressed I don't want to do the things I enjoy doing. It seems like no matter what I do I'm either up or down; there's no middle ground. Maybe I need to see a psychiatrist, I don't know. I may be wrong, but I think we all get stuck in this cycle sometimes. We're not comfortable unless we're miserable which makes no sense at all.

We need to be careful not to overextend ourselves, but at the same time be mindful of the needs of others and willing to make sacrifices to help. Don't say yes to every opportunity that comes along, but don't say no to them all either. When you are feeling oppressed, ask for help, but when you are depressed, do something for someone else. I'm no expert, but I think this is the best way to find some emotional middle ground.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

South Carnleyrica Is Gaining Ground

The Civil War in Carnleyrica has not let up over the past several weeks. Due to constant explosions in the northern and southern regions, the media has not been able to report on the current activity until now. The troops in the south have gained much ground over the North, but seem to have finllay retreated temporarily to their bunkers. This has given General Kacie Carnley the opportunity to speak with reporters on the current situations. According to the General, the explosions over the course of the past several weeks have been set off by the infamous Colonel Lachlan Stone. Troops from both sides ironically discribe him as a "Lose Cannon" as he has set off the explosions in both regions. His chaotic war tactics are posing a problem for both the North and South due to the lack of time between these catestrophic explosions. The General said, "His unconventional explosives have ranged from giant tubs of sugar to a large can of Lt. P.J.'s rations. Captain Sidney Pearl has not taken any steps in reigning in her "lose cannon" of a troop despite the destruction he has caused in their own territory. Her incompotence is really making officials from both sides wonder how she's managed to lead in this war. If it were not for the up and coming Lt. PJ, they might not be so far ahead. Her forces have gained strength daily and she herself has caused some disturbance in the North by spilling a full glass of water that covered the Northern region. She's constantly looking for new ways to create more chaos in the North to keep the South ahead in this war. General Kacie Carnleyrica says, "We will not surreneder!! No matter how much destruction has taken place, we will never surrender to the South and allow them to take over our land. It is my hope that we can one day put aside our differences and embrace our similarities. There should be no North Carnleyrica or South Carnleryrica. We are Carnleyricans and we should come together and try to live like civilized members of this great country."