Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Things that bother me or that I simply don't like

-most all church signs (message boards)
-local commercials (they are always corny, low budget and usually contain an inside joke that only the workers of the company would understand)
-most fruity candy, I prefer chocolate
-unsweet cornbread
-unsweet tea
-rootbear, yuck (Justin and Sidney love it and I think it smells like nasty medicine)
-Larry the cable guy and his famous phrase "Get -r done"
-A street in North Texas named "Coit" ( It makes my teeth cringe to say it)
-The name of a business in Denton called "Shax's" (for some reason that always bothered me.
-when people ask me a question with no intention of listening to the answer and start talking before I'm done answering (I'm trying to be aware of doing this myself since it bothers me so much)
-domino's pizza
-square meat, you know what I'm talking about
-most country music
-Raisin cookies, there supposed to be chocolate chips...so disappointing
-Sugar cookies that look like peanut butter cookies...also disappointing
-Useless email forwards especially the ones that evoke guilt for deleting... I delete in freedom
-"Irregardless", it's "regardless", but so many people say "irregardless "that it's actually in the dictionary as "nonstandard or humorous usage"
-when people can't say their l's and say things like code or showders
-when people say "warsh" instead of "wash"

I'm sure there's more, but I'm getting tired.

one last thought........this isn't something that really bothered me but I thought of it while making this list and thought it was funny enough to blog. There was a business in Denton called J. Hester Poperties and a good friend of mine who lived there when we did almost always called it J. Hester "Pryne" Properties. (for some of you who may not know, Hester Pryne is the main character in the novel The Scarlet Letter.)

Monday, March 17, 2008

I love my child's mind

Sidney's mind never ceases to amaze me. Here's just a few things she has said recently:

1) I need to preface this one first. Sidney hates flies and simply cannot function properly if they are anywhere near her. They must be killed before life can go on..................The other day I told her to go in her room and play. She quickly returned to say, "I feel like there are flies in my room even though there aren't any." I proceed to ask, " Why do you feel like they're in there if they aren't." She says convincingly, "....because it's in my brain!!"

2) I was clipping her fingernails the other day and was having trouble with one of them. She says frustrated, "I think that one isn't cooperating."

3)She now calls all hearts Valentines

4) We somehow acquired a transformer from Sugar's house, one of Justin's old ones and Sidney calls it a Franstormer. I don't correct her b/c she's gotten to where she says most everything correctly and I'm hanging on to all the mispronounced words that I can.

5)Grams took her to Brookshire Brothers the other day and Sidney said they were going to "Brookshire Lachlan," (replacing brother with lachlan.)

6)She HATES for Justin to go to work in the morning. She always gets up about the same time he does and she comes in our room. When she was littler, she would say, "Don't go awork," then she started saying, "Don't put your eagle shirt on" (mailman uniform for those of you who may not know what my husband does for a living), then she got to where she would come in and look at Justin with a sad face, point in the direction of the post office (which is funny that she knows that) and shakes her head no. Now it's come down to coming in with her head hanging low and when Justin asks her what is wrong she just points to the post office and we know. It's like she can't even bring herself to shake her head b/c she's so sad. It's very sweet and sad at the same time.

I know there's more, but I can't think of any at the moment. More later..............