Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sidney's Hilarious 4 Year Old Mind

I asked Sidney what she wanted for Christmas tonight and this is the list. It's very specific and I'm not sure where she's even seen some of this stuff.

1)2 Baby Ponies exactly like the ones she has with a stroller just like the one she has. I asked her why she wants the same thing she has and she said, "Because it doesn't make the sounds anymore." I guess I could go the easy route and just replace the batteries and wrap it up. Merry Christmas!!

2)Toy Jewelry box with a sparkly ring that says, "I love Mommy and Daddy."

3)Hannah Montana Lamp and if it breaks she wants the High School Musical one.

4)A skateboard with white and purple flowers on it that says, "Go Slide." We questioned this one too and she said, "....cause it's like sliding on the street."

5)Hot Pink Scooter with purple and white streamers on the handles.

"And that's ALL," Sidney says.

Sidney's Dictionary:

"drug" -- to think
"bluck"--lathery soap
"propertunity"--as the super girl when she fires all the bad guys and witches
"bunkin"--someone who is not doing what she wants her to do

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Random Thoughts, Funnies, and Ironies

1) Jennifer was a very popular name in the late 70s and early 80s; however its only ranked #6 of the most popular first female names, but i know more Jennifers than any of the top five names. I can name about 8 or 9 right off the top of my head, but that number even seems a little low to me. I was thinking I knew more Jennifers than that. So, just for the heck of it, count all the Jennifers you remember from kindergarten til present and comment back with your number. If you are really ambitious, you can try and guess the top 5 I didn't mention without looking it up. There's no prize, just wasting time mainly.

2)I've caught myself doing really stupid things as a parent. I've actually said, "Now, you can't have any fruit snacks or candy until you finish your food, which sometimes happens to be "Deep friend chicken nuggets and French Fries." I mean really, fruit snacks have to be healthier than that stuff, right? There's this mentality that just cause it's sweetend it worse for you than regular food. I myself even feel like I have to eat "real" food before eating something sweet like a chocolate chip granola bar. The only problem is the "real" food may be a chili dog with cheese......"real" healthy, right? I wonder if I wouldn't be better off going straight for the granola bar. I don't understand my logic sometimes...........maybe I'm logically challenged :)

3) My son made a mess in the bathroom today. The only problem was how confused I was about it since the mess consisted of spilled.......liquid SOAP.......oooooo. I mean, how can you get mad at your kid for CLEANING everything! It was all slippery afterwards, but all I needed was water and hey, my bathroom and my son are clean. The funniest part was putting the rug in the dirty clothes pile. I had a confusing moment trying to figure out if I was doing the right thing. I mean TECHNICALLY it wasn't DIRTY...........it had soap on it.

4) Sidney asked Justin on the way home from church if when she gets big she can go somewhere by herself. Justin said yes, that when she turns 16 she'll be able to drive anywhere she wants (well not literally, but you know what he means). She thought a minute and said, " But, I'll have a wreck." Like she knew she didn't know how to drive. He kind of skipped the drivers ED. part.

5)I muted the the tv for a minute during commercial and Sidney said, "Why did you turn it down, do you need some peace or something?"

6)We were in the drive through at Sonic the other day and I asked Lachlan(2) if he wanted tator tots he said, "no." Then I asked him if he wanted chicken or french fries (normally I get him both but it was late and I didn't think he'd eat that much). Anyway, after I asked him twice if he wanted chicken OR fries, he put his index finger over his mouth and said, "Hmmmmmmm." I laughed so hard cause I know he got that from me. Then he hollered out, "I want both," which made me laugh again that he knew he was making a decision. I'm so surprised at how much he will say when given the opportunity. I just forget that he learns new words and how to converse everday and just needs the opportunity to use it. Normally I don't, ask I just order. I'm glad I did this time or I wouldn't have this funny story to tell.