Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

This post is the full version of the "Hall of Fame Hubby" entry that is in the June edition of The Journey magazine. I was going to wait until Father's Day to post it, but I changed my mind. Happy Father's Day, Babe!!

I’ve been married to my husband Justin for nearly eight years now, and it’s hard to believe we’ve been together that long. We married pretty young (20 and 22), finished college two years later and quickly entered the world of parenthood. It has been nothing short of a privilege sharing the joys, as well as frustrations, of raising three children with him. I truly would not want to do this with anyone else. I don’t think marriage gets the credit it deserves sometimes. It has been an honor to be Justin’s wife and watch him grow into a respected Christian man and father over the past eight years. Although Justin has many great qualities and characteristics as a husband and father, his simple kindness and gentleness is what makes him so great!

Justin has always been a great help to me around the house. He loves cooking which is a HUGE help. He’s always willing to cook supper and take care of the kids when I need him to. There have even been times that I’ve come home from a meeting and he’s cleaned the entire house, not to mention bathed the kids and put them all to bed. Now all of these things are wonderful and I feel so blessed to have a husband that does those things for me, but that is not what makes my husband is a hall of fame hubby.

Justin’s a great dad! He loves taking Sidney, our 5 year old daughter fishing and playing with her and our 2 year old son in the back yard. He takes advantage of EVERY teachable opportunity when it comes to them and I love that. He loves being silly with them, laughing and playing, but he’s also firm and knows exactly when to “dad.” All of these things make him an awesome father, but it’s still not what makes him so great.

Justin’s loyalty as the primary breadwinner of our family cannot go unmentioned. After receiving our degrees at the University of North Texas, we relocated back to Lufkin where we both grew up. The week Sidney was born he began working as a city letter carrier at the Lufkin post office. The first few months were very hard for him physically, but he worked past the pain and didn’t quite. He has endured a lot of pain during the 5 years he’s worked there, but he’s willing to do it to provide for his family. This characteristic stands far above many of his other great qualities, but it still doesn’t make him the best husband for me.
What makes Justin worthy of me writing this is not primarily his willingness to be a good mate and father to my children; rather, his kind and gentle spirit that naturally shines through him everyday. Justin has never used harsh words against me, even when I feel my mistakes probably deserved it. He forgives my every fault and never brings up past wrongs. Justin still thinks I’m beautiful after eight years of marriage and carrying three children. He calls me just to say, “I love you!” or “I miss you.” He still reaches to hold my hand in the car or when we go out together, as if we were still just dating. He sings and prays with the children at night. He’s got a great heart and kind, gentle spirit that out ways all the other qualities I mentioned before. These are the reasons why my husband is a hall of fame hubby, this is why I think he’s so great. It’s the gentle, caring, and loving spirit he possesses that make him the best husband for me and father for my children.

We love you, Happy Father’s Day!!
Kacie, Sidney, Lachlan, and Paisley